Social Scientist. v 11, no. 120 (May 1983) p. 1.

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Editorial Note

DR GYAN CHAND, the eminent economist, passed away in early April in New Delhi. Dr Gyan Chand belonged to that rare breed of committed scholars t&rough wh<^e teaching and writiirg radical ideas were disseminated to generations Of students and the reading public in the days before independence. Nm only the ideas arid vteion of these scholars, but their attitudes, their questioning r&iAds, th^ir aliveness to issues and their dedication to the cause to which they were committed, were a source of illumirration and iEis^iratiOri. Many of them, like Dr Gyan Chand, (teew themselves energetically into popularising the idea ami initiatrnig the process <^f planning in this country as logical extension of their anti-imperialist and socialist convictions. For the mian who had written way back in the 1930's that ^the masses are n^l oflly exploited by foreiglft rulers but ako by our own people" and who had argued for "revolutionary changes in the economic and social structure 0f society" "if political freedom is to inelade real economic freedom of the sfa^vi^g mil lions' \ planning had obviously meant something altogether dffferent from what it has turned out to be.

A tribute was paid to Dr Gyan Chand in the pages of this journal some months ago in a review of the Festschrift that some of his students and friends had brought together for him. In the current issue, Profe&sor F C Joshi, a long-time associate of Dr Gyan Chand, recollects his- unique role in the intellectual life of this country in an obituary notice.

In last month's Editorial Note we had stated ^>ur intention of publishing in every issue of this Marx centenary year at least one article discussing some aspect of Marx's work This was to be in addition to the special centenary number we had brought out in March. We are glad to be able to announce that While continuing. with this pLn, we propose additionally to bring out two more special

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