Social Scientist. v 11, no. 120 (May 1983) p. 50.

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andio leaders and activists of all political parties to the last moment of his life.

Dr Gyan Chand will be remembered for his outstanding contribution in training generations of students in social science and in the practice of social science in the service of the country and its oppressed masses. He will be remembered for his classic contributions to the understanding of the Indian problems including Teeming Millions of India (1939), The New Economy of China (1958) and Socialist Transformation of Indian Economy (\965). Dr Gyan Chand will be remembered for his capacity to preserve his moral and mental independence while working as an expert within the Establishment. He will also be remembered for his stubborn refusal to turn into a mindless and nihilistic critic of the Establishment during long years of his active life after he left the Establishment.

The coming generations of social scientists will profit immensely from studying the life and work of this dedicated social scientist who had mastered the art of combining moral passion and emotional involvement in the cause with intellectual detachment and objectivity in the analysis of questions thrown up by the cause from time to time:

He did not shirk running against the current if his thinking led him in directions contrary to the dominant opinion.

In paying their homage to this dedicated scholar, patriot and socialist, Indian social scientists must rededicate themselves to the cause of building a social science relevant for India in her present struggle for national regeneration and social emancipation.

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