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self-effacing humility, dedication to research and a clear judgement to achieve such a result

SrafTa's last published major work, Production of Commodities by Means of Commodities, has appeared to be intriguing, stimalating and controversial even today, 23 years after its publication. It has the same chiselled scholarship, brevity, essentiality, and it combines both the critical and the constructive elements characteristic of his other works:

a critique of the marginalist theory of value and distribution and as a revival of the surplus approach of the early classical writers. The book, written as a Prelude, bears potentialities of many further developments. It clarifies and resolves certain problems in the value and distribution theory as they arose in Ricardo and Marx and hence suggests the minimum foundations for further extensions.

What kind of a man was the scholar Sraffa? Those who knew him closely will remember him as a gentle, humane person with a very charming and sparkling sense of humour—a person who listened attentively and loved to discuss but who also kept alone, riding his bicycle for hours in the countryside. The fierce, uncompromising intellect and unswerving convictions did not put hard edges on him. With friends and students, age, sex, country could be no barrier. He hated ^advising55 or "guiding55 on doctrines. To a young scholar approaching him for the first time for guidance, he would warn: "Don5! seek guidance. There are too many around anxious to do so.'5

Piero Sraffa belongs to a generation of scholars that is unfortunately fast disappearing. »

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