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Left Front Government's Unprecedented Success In The Expansion Of Education And Healthy Cultural Activities

EDUCATION: The achievements of the Left Front Government in the field of education are unprecedented indeed. Recognising the priority for universal education the budget provision for education this year has been boosted upto the highest ever amount of Rs 459 crores as against Rs 129 crores in 1976-77. Anarchy in the academic world has been removed and active steps have been taken to democratise the academic atmosphere. Free education upto class XII has been introduced and text books are being distributed free of cost among students upto class V. Free distribution of tiffin among 31 lakhs of children is going on in full swing. As a result of the establishment of 8000 new primary and 2000 secondary schools, the number of students at the primary level has increased by 15 lakhs and by 18 lakhs in the secondary stage. New syllabuses and subjects at the degree and post-graduate levels are going to be introduced. Arrangements for the functioning of Vidyasagar University in Midnapur and the two Government colleges at Haldia and Salt Lake have been almost completed and 23 colleges have already been set up in backward areas.

Rabindra Vidyasagar and Bankim awards are being given every year for remarkable contributions to literature. Benefits at par with the staff of secondary schools are being extended to those of Madrasa. The number of Non Formal Education Centres has gone up to 16,600. The financial grants for the libraries in the State have increased to Rs 4.50 crores and the number of libraries has increased from 753 to 2411. The Government has accepted full financial responsibilities for regular payment of salaries in the revised scales to the teachers and the non-teaching staff of educational institutions.

CULTURE: Stemming the tide of degenerate culture, the present Government have put in best efforts for the promotion and propagation of healthy life-centric culture. Publication grants to authors, patronisation of group theatres and various cultural organisations, production of films under the direction of established and young film-makers, the building of two theatre halls, the colour film laboratory and the art film complex under construction in Calcutta speak for the Left Front Government's genuine interest in the promotion of cultural activities.

YOUTH WELFARE: The efforts of the Left Front Government despite their limited resources for promotion of youth welfare are commendable. Youth offices have been set up in 331 blocks and 4000 youths have benefited from different employment programmes involving Government investment of Rs 4.80 crores. Vocational training was imparted to 17,000 youths belonging to scheduled castes and tribes. Another achievement of the Left Front Government is the establishment of a commodious well-equipped State Youth Centre in Calcutta.


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