Social Scientist. v 14, no. 162-63 (Nov-Dec 1986) p. 133.

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Alam, Javeed Political Implications of Eonomic Contradictions in Punjab 10 326

Athreya, Venkatesh B. et at Production Relations and Agrarian Change 5 314

Bhatnagar, Rashmi Uses and Limits of Foucault: A Study of the Theme of Origins in Edward Said's 'Orientalism* 7 323

Bose, Sanat A Note on Labour Movement in Bengal (192021) 1 2333

Bozdogan, Sibel Orientalism and Architectural Culture 7 4658

Byres, TV. The Agrarian Question, Forms of Capitalist Agrarian Transition, and the State : An Essay with Refrence to Asia 1112 367

Chakravarty, Kumaresh The Compelling Crisis and the New Education Policy 2 3 2434

Chandra, Bipan Struggle for the Ideological Transformation of the Indian National Congress in the 1930s 8 9 1839

Dasgupta, Atis Early Trends of Anti-Colonial Peasant Resistance in Bengal 4 2032

Dharamaratne, Princy Aid and the Development of the Third World 1 1622

Guha Ray, Siddharta Tramworkers of Calcutta ^ Some Reflections on their Unionisation and Political Experience, 1920 to 1930 5 1532

Isaac, TM Thomas The National Movement and the Communist Party in Kerala 8 9 5980

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