Social Scientist. v 15, no. 164 (Jan 1987) p. Back material.

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Journal of Arts & Ideas

Numbers 12-13

A special issue on Soviet literary theory, theatre, cinema, arts and architecture.

Price Rs. 16.00 Introduction Kalpana Sahni From the Aiil to the Cosmos ;

Interview with Chmghiz Aitmatov On the Staging of The Ascent of Fujiyama Prasanna

Shakespeare in the Productions ofSturua and Chkheidze Vyacheslav Ivanov

Those who left the Festivities : Georgian Cinema Today V. Demin

'Contemporay Art Is Devoid of a Spiritual Basis' :

Interview with Andrei Tarkovsky 'The Sacrifice9 Andrei Tarkovsky The Armenian Museum of Ethnography Levon Babyan Reconstruction of Vilnyus Kaminkas & Yalovetskas

Historical Poetics of Epos and Romane : East and West Eleazar Meletinsky

Western Interpretations of Bakhtin Rashnmi Doraiswamy Subscriptions & Circulation Office :

78-G Sujan Singh Park, New Delhi 110003.

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