Social Scientist. v 15, no. 173 (Oct 1987) p. Verso.

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Ashok Mitra ^ fl ^ i S 1 Amalendu Cuba WUuBCll

Irfan Habib {11 • ^« ^ Amiya Bagchi 0016111151

Kishore Theckedath Jacob Eapen Monthly Journal of the

CONTRIBUTING EDITORS Indian ^hool of Social Sciences

Thomas Isaac (Trivandrum) VOLUME 15 OCTOBER

Sanjaya Baru (Hyderabad) NUMBER jO 1987

Atis Dasgupta (Calcutta)

Javeed Alam (Shim la)

V K Ramachandran (Madras)

Venkatesh Athreya (Madras)


Madhu Prasad

Utsa Patnaik

R.R. Krishnan

D. Raghunandan

C. Rajamohan

C.P. Chandrasekhar


Rajendra Prasad


Prabhat Patnaik


423. V P House,

New Delhi-110 001



B-l. Second Floor LSC. CONTENTS

J Block Saket,

New Delhi-110017 Mortal Note 1

SUBSCRIPTION RATES* Towards a Class Analysis of Race

Relations Situations of Overseas Indians in

^ ,^ Colonial/Post Colonial Societies

3 years : Rs 150 - , ,

2 years :Rs 120 -Prakash C. Jain 3

Annual : Rs 65 The Agrarian Question in India During the

(Students ; Rs 50) National Movement, 1885-1947

Institutions and Libraries —K.C. Suri 25

(Annual) : Rs 100 indebtedness and the Theory of

Single copy : Rs 12 agrarian Reform

*Rs 3 extra if by cheque -Narendar Pani 51

(A ;• r^T^ BOOK REVIEW {Annual in US dollars}

Air Mail : 50 Wage Indexation in India

—Poonam Gupta and Sanjeev Gupta 68

Articles and review express the views of the authors and not necessarily of the editors

or of the Indian School of Social Sciences.

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