Social Scientist. v 2, no. 17 (Dec 1973) p. 26.

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Chile and the Qjuestion of Peaceful Transition to Socialism

IT is not correct to speak of a parliamentary road to socialism. The road to socialism lies through class struggle.

The correct posure of the question should be: how far, to what extent and under what specific historical circumstances can parliament be utilized for the advancement and victory of that struggle.

An impression is prevalent among some people that the 20th Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union spoke of a parliamentary road to socialism. But that is not correct. What the 20th Congress did was to examine the question whether it is possible to go over to socialism by using parliamentary means: it came to the conclusion that in the changed historical conditions of the post-war period the possibility has arisen in some capitalist countries of utilizing parliamentary means in the transition to socialism. But this formulation has nothing in common with the social-democratic concept of the parliamentary road to socialism.

The 20th Congress took note of the fact that the historical situation has undergone radical changes which make possible a new approach to the question of transition to socialism and declared:

The present situation offers the working class in a number of capitalist countries a new opportunity to unite the overwhelming majority of the people under its leadership and to secure the transfer of the basic

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