Social Scientist. v 2, no. 18-19 (Jan-Feb 1974) p. 28.

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central issue." Georgi Dimitrov, The Working Class Against Fascism, p 50. (Emphasis added)

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22 Mrs Doreen Wickremasinghe (nee Young), born in Cheshire, was a student at the London School of Economics from 1926 to 1929. She came from a family which belonged to the left-wing of the British Labour Party. She was the secretary of the Students' Union of LSE, and on graduating was V K Krishna Menon's Secretary in the India League. In 1930 she came to Ceylon, taught in a Buddhist school and married S A Wickremasinghe. She participated in all LSSP activities in the 1930s and was a Communist Member of Parliament in the early 50s.

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4 The inner group of Trotskyists consisted of Philip Gunewardena, Leslie Goonewa-rdena, N M Perera and ColvinR de Silva. The split in the party on the question of Trotskyism and 'Stalinism* took place in 1940, when the ^Stalinist* group led by S A Wickremasinghe was expelled.

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