Social Scientist. v 17, no. 194-95 (July-Aug 1989) p. Front cover.

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Building Block by Building Block: A Tribute to Muzaffar Ahmad Ashok Mitra 3

Reflections on Economic Reform in Hungary K.K. Dasgupta 8

Perestroika and the Third World: The Changing Status of the Concept of 'Neocolonialism* Venkatesh Athreya 28

Industrial Organisation in the GDR and Future Possibilities Jaya Mehta 37

Perestroika: Reflections on the Theory of Power Sudipta Kaviraj 50

The Politics of Perestroika: Comments on Kaviraj *s Paper Rajeev Bhargava 59

Fertility Trends and Population Policies and Programmes in Socialist Europe B. Debroy 66

Book Reviews 88

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