Social Scientist. v 21, no. 244-46 (Sept-Nov 1993) p. 112.

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woman is tortured so much that she leaves the husband voluntarily. This was the consensus of opinion among both men and women. Among the other reason included was the beating of women.

65. Census of India, 1981, Haryana, Series 6, Prt IV-A, Social and Cultural Tables, New Delhi, 1986, pp. 46-47.

66. Govt. of Haryana, Rohtak District Gazetteer, 1970, Chandigarh, 1970, p. 48.

67. In Punjab and Haryana, the general feeling in the rural areas after the passage of Hindu Code Bill, was one of sharp condemnation of the Indian National Congress. 'The reigning Brahmin and Bania CongresswaHas, mostly urbanites, were accused of not understanding the rural problems. Interview, Hardwari Lal, Delhi, 19 March 1985; bom 1912, he is a well-known educationist and politician of Haryana.

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