Social Scientist. v 3, no. 25 (Aug 1974) p. 4.

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in the humanities with the aid of scientific tools. These are what distinguish the Social Scientist from other publications.

Along these lines, we shall welcome research papers, notes and reports on current topics^, communications on articles published and book reviews. All manuscripts should be typewritten with wide margins. The text and footnotes should be double-spaced. Authors are responsible for cliecking all quotations and supplying complete references. Only the ribbon copy should be sent to the editor.

We shall reserve the right to effect minor alterations with a view to making the presentation clear and brief. However, on all substantial changes tlie authors will be consulted. Accepted manuscripts together with suggestions for revision will be sent to the authors for final typing. To enable us to return the rejected manuscripts, enclose always a stamped self-addressed envelope. Writers of unsolicited book reviews are requested to correspond with the editor before sending them.

We also urge readers to write us their comments on the articles and ideas about the directions of the journal. We shall be eager to hear from all of you.

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