Social Scientist. v 3, no. 36 (July 1975) p. 80.

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G V Rao, Democracy versus Totalitarianism (A) 26 35


S G Varma, Politics of Psychoanalysis (A) 34 3


G S I R Scientific Workers^ Association, Science Policy

for National Development (C) 25 54


Anil Mahajan, Marxism and Indian Sociology (N) 35 47

Manorama Savur, Sociology of Conflict Theory (A) 36 29

H C Srivastava, Concept of Tradition in Indian

Sociological Thought (A) 27 17

S C Varma, Sociology and Sociological Radicalism (A) 32 3


S Manzoor Alam and Waheeduddin Khan,

Metropolitan Hyderabad and Its Environs. By H S Verma 29 89

Bepin Behari, Economic Growth and Technological Change

in India. By Narendar Pani 27 72

Amalendu De, Roots of Separatism in Nineteenth

Century Bengal. By Binay Bhushan Chaudhuri 36 71

Alfred De Souza, Indian Public Schools: A Sociological

Study. By G Ramachandra Raj 30-31 126

Nigel Harris, India-China: Under development and

Revolution. By Mohan Thapmi 32 70

Indian Council of Social Science Research, A Survey of

Research in Psychology. By K G Agrawal 34 69

Shriram Maheswari, Indian Administration. By Rama Varma 35 73

Mahamood Mamdani, The Myth of Population Control:

Family, Caste and Class in an Indian Village.

By Rama Varma 26 76

E M S Namboodiripad, Indian Planning in Crisis.

By T G Sankaran 30-31 122

E M S Namboodiripad, Conflicts and Crisis. By K R S Nair 33 72

T Jagannatha Panicker, Crucifixion of the Unborn: Under-

populated India. By Rama Varma 26 78

Ranjit Kumar Sau, Indian Economic Growth: Constraints and

Prospects. By M K Sukumaran Nair 28 71

A Rahman and K D Sharma (Eds.), Science Policy Studies.

ByRP 32 75

Yogendra Singh, Old Wine in New Skins: Modernisation of

Indian Tradition. By Suneet Chopra 28 78

Romesh Thopar (Ed.) Seminar 178, The Monthly Symposium

devoted to Marxism and India. By E M S Namboodiripa id 25 58

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