Social Scientist. v 4, no. 40-41 (Nov-Dec 1975) p. 155.

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Sex Discrimination in Wages

SEX DISCRIMINATION1 in wages can take a number of forms. The most blatant is paying women less than men for the same type of work. There is the practice of restricting women to low-paid jobs and denying them access to better-paid positions which are reserved exclusively for men. A subtler form of discrimination is that in whatever jobs to which women have access, they are employed for fewer hours, days or weeks, so that the quantum of work is considerably less than that available to men. The last two types do not and need not show any obvious wage differentiation because on paper, men and women are paid the same wage for the same type of work. In reality since women are restricted to low-paid jobs there can be said to be in effect a sort of wage discrimination. SirAilarly, a lower quantum of work is bound to result in women earning less. This also amounts to wage discrimination.

No study of wage discrimination against women will be complete unless it covers all its manifestations whether open'or subtle. Nevertheless for the limited purpose of this article, attention is centred only on the open type of wage discrimination, found to exist on quite a large scale in India2. Is there a possible satisfactory explanation for this type of wage discrimination against women.8 It is hoped that through a review of the various economic explanations offered from time to time, the.

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