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A Name for Kerala Handloom Fabrics

1 Exquisite sarees in never before designs & colours.

2 A little of the traditional touch with a bit of contemporary elegance.

3 Some with a splendid Batik beauty.

4 A few with Bandhni beauty.

5 Others with "KASAVU" enchantment.

6 Swinging Mundu sets, styled in chic elegance. AND FOR M':N

7 Kera'- louble dhothies. lungies, shirting, casual wear crepe and suiting for

format and informal wear. PLUS

Bedspreads, furnishings, curtains. To dress up your home beautifully.

8 A stunning display of exotic styles.

9 Charming blends of regal tradition and high stepping fashion.

10 COME and witness the finest in "HANDLOOM FASHIONS.-"

Registered Trade Mark


Kerala State Handloom Weavers' Co-op: Society Ltd., Trivandrum.


POLITICAL POWER IN INDIA: NATURE AND TRENDS by Ajit Roy Some of the most crucial questions of contemporary Indian politics which the author has subjected to a close, deep and objective study. Price Rs. 18.00 ECONOMICS AND POLITICS OF GARIBI HATAO by Ajit Roy An objective analysis of the socio-economic developments in India from 1967 to date and a critical assessment of Mrs Indira Gandhrs political evolution— all based on official and authentic data. Price Rs. 12.00

POLITICS AND SOCIETY IN INDIA by Surindar Suri The author, a keen student of history and a participant in various movements, summarizes in this work the historical and social background of Indian politics, its constitutional framework, and the impact of geographical and cultural factors. Price Rs. 30.00 HISTORY OF FREEDOM MOVEMENT IN BANGLADESH by Jyoti Sen Gupta

A well-documented study of the Bangladesh freedom struggle, not in retrospect from the ivory tower of academic research, but by one who saw it grow and move ahead. Price Rs. 40.00

For catalogue and other details contact

NAYA PROKASH 206 Bidhan Sarani Calcutta-700005

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