Social Scientist. v 5, no. 50 (Sept 1976) p. 83.

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observes^ by his desire to bring greater prosperity to the patidars ratHer than from his instinct of social justice28. Nor did Gandhi give priority to-covering up class contradiction. He appealed to human goodness for a. better deal to the exploited underdogs and thus succeeded in forging, although temporarily, an alliance between the poor and the rich. Curiously enough the author defends the idiom used by Patel which preached a ee typical gemeinschaft moralism95 on the ground that he had no other alternative. Only a ^religio-cultural idiom95 was workable.24 One fails to understand a running note of disapproval of the revivalist, politico-religious idiom used by Gandhians when there was no other way out,. according to the author.

There are several printing errors in the book. Not only words have been mis-spelt but certain words have been left out. The glossary is also incomplete. Dhanagre, however, deserves appreciation for turning the focus on the agrarian movements vis a-vis national politics.


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