Social Scientist. v 7, no. 78 (Jan 1979) p. Back material.

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A Sacred Anniversary—Thrice Blessed/

This Day, 49 years ago, we proclaimed our resolve to achieve Purna Swaraj.

—This day, in 1950, we proclaimed ourselves ^ a Republic and gave ourselves a Constitution enshrining the ideals of Justice, Liberty, \ Equality and Fraternity.

—Around this day, two years ago, v ^ began our Journey back to the democratic processes guaranteed by the Constitution. /- ^


—To mark the Anniversary— >^ ' Let us give thanks for the restoration \ of our liberties

Let us strive to fulfil the dreams of those

who gave their lives in the

cause of freedom and equality.

Let us rededicate ourselves to the early ^

achievment of social, economic and

political justice.

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