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Table of Contents for the Social Scientist. v. 18, no. 205-06.
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Front cover p. Front cover
Verso p. Verso
Introduction p. 1
Communalism and the Historical Legacy: Some Facets p. 4
Communal Violence in Twentieth Century Colonial Bengal p. 21
War Over Music: The Riots of 1926 in Bengal p. 38
Seminar on 'Communalism in India': A Report p. 49
NOTE Whatever Has Happened to Imperialism? p. 73
DISCUSSION Adi Sankara: A Critique of E. M. S. Namboodidiripad's Views p. 77
REVIEW ARTICLE Utopia and Despair p. 85
REVIEW ARTICLE Women and the Household in Asia p. 93
Back material p. Back material

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