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Table of Contents for the Social Scientist. v. 18, no. 207-08.
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Front cover p. Front cover
Verso p. Verso
Introduction p. 1
Communalism and the Struggle against Communalism: A Marxist View p. 4
State and Communalism in India p. 22
Changing Orientation of the State and the Emergence of Majoritarianism in the 1980s p. 27
Communalism and the State: Some Issues in India p. 38
Adjustment and Accommodation: Indian Muslims after Partition p. 48
Economic Development and Communalism: A Note p. 66
Ideology as Form: Notes on the Third World Novel p. 71
DISCUSSION Culture and Consciousness: Historiography as Politics p. 85
DISCUSSION Wrong Equations p. 94
REVIEW ARTICLE The Individual and Individuality p. 99
Back material p. Back material

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