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Table of Contents for the Social Scientist. v. 22, no. 256-59.
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Front cover p. Front cover
Verso p. Verso
Introduction p. 1
Notes on the Political Economy of Structural Adjustment p. 4
The Gentle Leviahan: Welfare and the Indian State p. 18
The World Development Report 1993: The Brave New World of Primary Health Care p. 27
Gender Implications of New Economic Policies and the Health Sector p. 40
The Writing on the Wall: Structural Adjustment Programme and the World Development Report 1993-Impli p. 56
Some Considerations in the Formulation of India's Health Policy: A Note on Equity p. 79
World Development Report 1993: Structural Adjustment and the Health Sector in India p. 89
Structure and Utilization of Health Services: An Inter-state Analysis p. 98
World Development Report 1993: Implications for Infrastructure Development in Health Care and the Ph p. 112
The New Era of Growth: An Epitaph to the Environment p. 129
Women's Empowerment and Health Experiences from Rajasthan p. 137
The World Development Report 1993: A Prescription for Health Disaster p. 147
Back material p. Back material

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