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Table of Contents for the Social Scientist. v. 26, no. 296-99.
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Front cover p. Front cover
Verso p. Verso
Introduction p. 3
The coming of 1857 p. 6
The coming of the revolt in Awadh: The Evidence of Urdu Newspapers p. 16
The rebel administration of Delhi p. 25
The profile of a saintly rebel - Maulavi Ahmadullah Shah p. 39
The Gwalior Contingent in 1857-58: A study of the Organisation and Ideology of the Sepoy Rebels p. 53
The 'Tribals' and the 1857 Uprising p. 76
Popular culture and 1857: Memory Against Forgetting p. 86
1857 and the 'Rennaissance' in Hindi Literature p. 95
1857: Need for Alternative Sources p. 113
Review Article p. 148
Back material p. Back material

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