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অভিধানে ব্য়বহৃত সংকেতাবলির অর্থ

a. adjective
aban. abandoned
abbre. abbreviation
accts. accounts
adv. adverb
affect. affectionate
alg. algebra
alt. alternative
anat. anatomy
approx. approximately
arch. archaic
arith. arithmetic
art. article
astr. astronomy
astrol. astrology
Beng. Bengali
bot. botany
chem. chemistry
christ. christianity
coll. colloquial
collect. collective
com. common
comm. commerce
comp. compound
compar. comparative
con. conjunction
contemp. contemptuous
contr. contraction
cp. compare
correl. correlative
corrup. corruption, corrupted
def. definite
deg. degree
dero. derogatory
dial. dialectal
dim diminutive
distr. distributive
econ. economics
e.g. exempli gratia (for example)
elec. electricity
Eng. English
erron. erroneous
esp. especially
etc. et cetera
ety. etymologically
euph. euphemism
exclam. exclamatory
facet. facetious
fem. feminine
fig. figurative
for. formal
gen. gender
geog. geography
geol. geology
geom. geometry
gr. grammar
High. High Bengali
hist. history
hon. honorific
hum. humorous
idiom. idiomatic
i.e. id est (that is)
imi. imitative
imperat. imperative
imperf. imperfect
imprec. imprecatory
ind. indecent
inf. informal
infe. inferior
infi. infinitive
int. interjection
interro. interrogative
joc. jocular
leg. legal
ling. linguistics
lit. literary
log. logic
loos. loosely, loose

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masc. masculine
math. mathematics
mech. mechanics
med. medical
metaph. metaphysics
mil. military
mod. modern
Mus. Muslim
mus. music
myth. mythology
n. noun
naut. nautical
neut. neuter
obs. obsolete
obsc. obscene
ori. original
p. past
part. participle
perf. perfect
pfx. prefix
ph. phrase
phil. philosophy
phon. phonetics
pl. plural
poet. poetic use
pol. politics
pop. popular
pos. positive
poss. possessive
post. post position past participle
pr. present
prep. preposition
print. printing
pro. pronoun
pros. prosody
rare rarely
rej. rejected
relat. relative
rhet. rhetoric
ridi. in ridicule
Sans. Sanskrit
sarcas. sarcastic
sc. science
sfx. suffix
sing. singular
sl. slang
spell. spelling
super. superlative
trans. transitive
theol. theology
theos. theosophy
usu. usually
v. verb
var. variant
voc. vocative
vul. vulgar

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