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Hobson-Jobson: A glossary of Colloquial Anglo-Indian Words and Phrases, and of Kindred Terms, Etymological, Historical, Geographical and Discursive
[page xi]

THE twofold hope expressed in the closing sentence of Sir Henry Yule's Preface to the original Edition of this book has been amply justified. More recent research and discoveries have, of course, brought to light a good deal of information which was not accessible to him, but the general accuracy of what he wrote has never been seriously impugned - while those who have studied the pages of Hobson-Jobson have agreed in classing it as unique among similar works of reference, a volume which combines interest and amusement with instruction, in a manner which few other Dictionaries, if any, have done.

In this edition of the Anglo-Indian Glossary the original text has been reprinted, any additions made by the Editor being marked by square brackets. No attempt has been made to extend the vocabulary, the new articles being either such as were accidentally omitted in the first edition, or a few relating to words which seemed to correspond with the general scope of the work. Some new quotations have been added, and some of those included in the original edition have been verified and new references given. An index to words occurring in the quotations has been prepared.

I have to acknowledge valuable assistance from many friends. Mr. W. W. SKEAT has read the articles on Malay words, and has supplied many notes. Col. Sir R. TEMPLE has permitted me to use several of his papers on Anglo-Indian words, and has kindly sent me advance sheets of that portion of the Analytical Index to the first edition by Mr. C. PARTRIDGE, which is being published in the Indian Antiquary. Mr. R. S. WHITEWAY has given me numerous extracts from Portuguese writers; Mr. W. FOSTER, quotations from unpublished records in the India Office; Mr. W. IRVINE, notes on the later Moghul period. For valuable suggestions and information on disputed points I am indebted to [page xii] Mr.H. BEVERIDGE, Sir G. BIRDWOOD, Mr. J. BRANDT, Prof. K. G. BROWNE, Mr. M. LONGWORTH DAMES, Mr. G. R. DAMPIER, Mr. DONALD FERGUSON, Mr. C. T. GARDNER, the late Mr. E. J. W. GIBB, Prof. H. A. GILES , Dr. G. A. GRIERSON, Mr. T. M. HORSFALL, Mr. L. W. KING, Mr. J. L. MYRES, Mr. J. PLATT, jun., Prof. G. U. POPE, Mr. V. A. SMITH, Mr. C. H. TAWNEY, and Mr. J. WEIR.


14th November 1902.
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