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1. Titles of Books (the no refers to section of A).
A Anguttara 1a
Bdhd Buddhadatta1
Brethren: see Psalms3
BR. Boehtlingk and Roth.
Bu Buddha-vansa1a
Cp Cariya-pitaka1a
Cpd Compendium3
D Digha1a
Davs Datha-vansa1b
Dh Dhammapada1a
Dhs Dhammasangani1a
Dhs trsl. Atthasalini3
Divy Divyavadana2
Dpvs Dipavansa1b
Dhtm Dhatumanjusa4.
Dhtp Dhatupatha4.
Halayudha: see Aufrecht4
It Itivuttaka1a
J Jataka1b
J A O S. Journal AmerOrSoc4
J As. Journal Asiatique4
J P T S. Journal Pali Text Soc4
J R A S. Journal Royal Asiatic Soc4
Jtm Jatakamala2
Kacc Kaccayana4
Kh Khuddakapatha1a
K S Kindred Sayings3
Kvu Kathavatthu1a
K Z Kuhn's Zeitschrift4
LalV. Lalita Vistara2
M Majjhima1a
Mhbv Mahabodhi-vansa1 b
Mhvs Mahavansa 1b
Miln Milinda-panha 1b
M Vastu Maha-vastu 2
Mvyut Mahavyutpatti 4
Mystic: see Manual 3
Nd1 Mahaniddesa 1a
Nd2 Cullaniddesa 1a
Nett Netti-pakarana1 b
Patth Patthana: see Duka & Tika 1a.
Pgdp Pancagati-dipana 1b
Ps Patisambhida-magga 1a
Pug Puggala-pannatti 1a
Pv Petavatthu 1a
S Sanyutta1 a
S B E Sacred Books of the East 3
Sdhp Saddhammopayana 1b
Siks Siksasamuccaya 2
Sisters: see Psalms 3
Sn Sutta-nipata 1a
Th 1 Theragatha1 a
Th 2 Therigatha 1a
Tikp Tikapatthana 1a.
Toev. Toevoegselen 4
Ud Udana 1a
Vbh Vibhanga 1a
VbhA Sammoha-Vinodani 1b.
Vin Vinaya 1a
VismTrsl. Path of Purity 3
Vism Visuddhi-magga 1b
Vv Vimanavatthu 1a
Z D M G. Zeitschrift der Deutschen Morgenlandischen Gesellschaft 4
2. General & grammatical terms.
A in comb. with a Title-letter (e.g. DhA)=Commentary (on Dh).
abl. ablative
abs. absolute(ly)
abstr. abstract
acc. accusative
act. active
add. addition
adj. adjective
adv. adverb
Ags. Anglo-Saxon
aor. aorist
appl. applied
art. article
attr. attribute
Av. Avesta
BB Burmese MSS
bef. before
BSk. Buddhist Sanskrit
C (& Cy) Commentary (when cited in expln of a Text passage).
caus. causative
cert. certain
coll. collective
comb combined, combination
comp. comparative, comparison, composition
cond. conditional
cons. consonant
corr. correct(ed)
correl. correlation, correlative
cp. compare
cpd. compound
dat. dative
den. denominative
der. derived, derivation
des. desiderative
dial. dialect(ical)
diff. different
dist. distinct, distinguished
E. English
e. g. for instance
encl. enclitic
ep. epithet
esp. especially
etym. etymology
exc. except
excl. exclamation, exclusive
expl. explanation, explained
f. feminine
fig. figurative(ly)
foll. following
form. formation
fr. from
freq. frequently, frequentative
fut. future
Gall. Gallic
gen. genitive
ger. gerund
Ger. German
Goth. Gothic
Gr. Greek
gram. grammaratical
grd. gerundive
ibid. at the same passage
id. the same
id. p. identical passage
i. e. that is
i. g. in general
imper. imperative
impers. impersonal
impf. imperfect
Ind. Index
ind. indicative
indecl. indeclinable
indef. indefinite
inf. infinitive
instr. instrumental
interr. interrogative
intrs. intransitive
iter. iterative
Lat. Latin
l. c. loco citato
lit. literal(ly), literary
Lit. Lithuanian
loc. locative
m. masculine
med. medium (middle)
N. Name
n. noun, note
nom. nominative
Np. Name of person
Npl. Name of place
nt. neuter
num. numeral
Obulg. Old-bulgarian
Ohg. Old-high-german
Oicel. Old-icelandic
Oir. Old-irish
onom. onomatopoetic
opp. opposed, opposite
ord. ordinal, ordinary
orig. original(ly)
P. Pali
part. particle
pass. passive
perf. perfect
pers. personal
pl. plural
pop. popular
poss. possessive
pot. potential
pp. past participle
ppr. present participle
prec. preceding
pred. predicative
pref. prefix
prep. preposition
pres. present
pret. preterite
Prk. Prakrit
prob. probably
pron. pronoun
pt. part
P T S. Pali Text Society
q. v. quod vide (which see)
ref. reference, referred
refl. reflexive
rel. relation, relative
sep. separate(ly)
sg. singular
Sk. Sanskrit
sq. and following
SS. Singhalese MSS.
ster. stereotype
suff. suffix
sup. superlative
s. v. sub voce (under the word mentioned)
syn. synonym(ous)
T. Text
trans. transitive
trsl. translated, translation
t. t. technical term
t. t. g. technical term in grammar
v. verse
var. variant, various
var. lect. various reading
voc. vocative
Wtb. Worterbuch
3. Typographical
*(s)qu̯el indicates a (reconstructed or conjectured) Indogermanic root.
*Sk means, that the Sanskrit word is constructed after the Pali word; or as Sk. form is only found in lexicographical lists.
â the cap over a vowel indicates that the a is the result of a syncope a + a (e. g. khuddânukhudda), whereas ā represents the proper ā, either pure or contracted with a preceding a (khīṇāsava = khīṇa + āsava).
° represents the head-word either as first (°—) or second (—°) part of a compound; sometimes also an easily supplemented part of a word.
> indicates an etymological relation or line of development between the words mentioned.
~~ and ≈≈ means "at similar" or "at identical, parallel passages".
The meaning of all other abbreviations may easily be inferred from the context.

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