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A dictionary of Urdu, classical Hindi, and English.


(extracted from the Preface, pages v, vii, and viii)
abl. ablative
acc. accusative
adj. adjective
adv. adverb
Ar. or A. Arabic
caus. causal
causat. causative
comp. compound or composition
compar. comparative
conj. part. conjunctive participle
conj. conjunction
contrac. contraction
corr. corruption or corrupted
Dakh. Dakhiní
dat. dative
dim. diminutive
fem. or f. feminine
fig. figuratively
gen. genitive
H. Hindústání or Hindí
i.q. idem quod, "the same as"
imperat. imperative
imperf. imperfect
incorr. incorrect
indef. indefinite
inf. n. infinitive noun
inflec. inflected or inflection
interrog. interrogative
intj. interjection
loc. locative
m. masculine
met. metonymically
n. neuter
n. noun
nom. nominative
part. participle and particle
Pehl. Pehlevi
Pers. or P. Persian
pers. personal or person
pl. or plur. plural
poss. possessive
postpn. or postp. postposition
prep. preposition
Prk. Prakrit
pron. pronoun
q.v. quod vide, "which see"
rt. root
S. Sanskrit
sing. singular
subst. or s. substantive
super. superlative
t. transitive
T. Turkish
v. verb
v.n. verbal noun and verb neuter
voc. vocative
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