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Search tips: in the keyword field, Boolean operators "OR" and "NOT" can be used (eg "buddha NOT sandstone" or "buddha OR sandstone"). By default, spaces in searches work as a Boolean "AND" (eg "buddha sandstone" searches for records where "buddha" and "sandstone" occur).

Terms can be entered in the "Advanced Search" fields on their own or to delimit keyword searches.

For searching BCE dates, it is currently preferable to use the keyword search box, constructing queries like "2nd 1st century BCE".

Date ranges in the date field can be searched using the format "1000-1500".

There are approximately 120,000 images searchable on this site. Data was most recently updated in 2009. Additional images are available on the Virtual Museum of Images and Sounds
For high resolution images and additional information, including permission to use images, please write to the AIIS Center for Art and Archaeology.

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