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About the Database

The images from the Hensley collection were given to the Digital South Asia Library by the University of Chicago Library. Funding for the project came from a number of institutions and organizations, including: United States Department of Education, Association of Research Libraries' Global Resources Program, and The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

The images were scanned from prints made by the photographer, Glenn S. Hensley. A flatbed scanner was used to scan the black and white images. The tiff files were processed using Adobe Photoshop 5.5. Derivative jpegs were created with standard pixel dimensions: thumbnail images are 150 pixels wide, medium images are 300 pixels wide, and large images are 640 images wide.

The textual data accompanying the images was largely taken from notes written by Mr. Hensley. Some changes to the data were necessary for incorporation into a database. The data for the 'location' field and the 'date' field were extracted from the author's text, as was the 'title' field data. 'Notes' are transcriptions from Mr. Hensley's accompanying text. The 'subjects' field was populated by pulling keywords from Mr. Hensley's text. This field does not follow any standard convention or thesauri.

Images are organized into 'categories'. The categories were set by the photographer and are thematic and/or geographic in nature.

The data is server from a MySQL database, running on a Linux server.

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