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Title Cargo plane shots A larger version of this photograph is available by clicking on the small size photo below.

[Cargo plane shots]
Photographer Glenn S. Hensley
Date 1945
Subject aerial shots; Japanese installations
Notes "A series of photos made while flying from Akyab Island to Meiktela (sp ?) in February 1945. Was aboard a cargo plane carrying supplies to air dropto British 14th Army. Pilot was South African, copilot was Canadian. Drop ""pushers"" (those who shoved the parachuted supplies out the open cargo door)were American and South Africans. Shots show Irrawady River, central Burma lands and some burned-out pagodas. In photo [a005], toward the bottom, under burned out building, are Japanese foxholes. Just above the burned building are white rings of earth that were Japanese gun emplacements. This is very near Meiktela. [a006] is an almost vertical view looking down on the Irrawady River and its sandy shores."
Location "Akyab, Burma"
Original negative held yes

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