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Title Popular temple for soldiers A larger version of this photograph is available by clicking on the small size photo below.

[Popular temple for soldiers]
Photographer Glenn S. Hensley
Date 1945
Subject temple
Notes "This temple was brought to the attention of nearly all visiting U. S. service personnel! Included are details of temple tower figures. Finds small boys telling the visitors that this is the ""sex temple."" They told tall tales of what could be seen over the walls -- but that visitors were not allowed inside. However they soon got to the point of their conversation. For a few annas they could produce a ladder and a visitor could look over the wall. Naturally, the coins changed hands and the ladder came out from behind a corner of the building. The boys set it up and (in M-119) Bond starts shooting pictures while the rest of us on the ground wondered what he was shooting. In M-120, you see what he -- and the remainder of us saw looking down from atop the ladder toward the inside courtyard. The boys had their money, we had been gullible -- but everybody got a good laugh."
Location Madras
Original negative held yes

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