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Imperial Gazetteer of India, v. 2, p. 320.

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1904, 1905 (mentioned above) for his speculative reconstruction of the
earlier history, enriched by great knowledge of the facts. The present
paper was unfortunately written before the appearance of Dr. Hoernle's
articles. But whatever our theories regarding the infusion of Gijar blood
among the Rajputs, there was certainly no Gurjara (GUjar) empire in
Northern India in the eighth and ninth centuries A.D. The assumption
of imperial titles does not connote the exercise of imperial power; and Dr.
Hoernle's Gurjara emperors are merely the kings of Kanauj from Bhoja I
downwards, whose power was often very limited, and to whom Dr. Hoernle
adds Bhoja's obscure ancestors in Rajputina.

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