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Imperial Gazetteer of India, v. 5, p. 308.

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highest and lowest readings of the-thermometer in May being II5
and 76. The rainy season is temperate, the maximum and mini-
mum in July being 96 and 70; and the cold season, comprising the
months of November, December, and January, is cool, the readings in
December being 88 and 55.
The rainfall recorded in I90o was 29 inches. It is generally constant,
with few variations from year to year, a circumstance which has led to
the fallacious conclusion that it never failed. This prophecy was rudely
shaken in I896-7, and completely falsified in I899. Amraoti has been
fortunate in escaping serious natural calamities other than famine.
The District was never a political entity by itself, and its history, apart
from that of the Province in which it has always been
included, is of no particular interest. But little is
known even of the history of the capital town.
At the assignment of Berar, in 1853, the Province was divided into
two Districts, East and West Berar, Amraoti being selected as the head-
quarters of the former, which included the Districts of Amraoti,
Ellichpur, and Wun. In 1864 Wlun, at first named the South-east
Berar District, was separated from Amraoti; and in I867 Ellichpur
District, which included at first the Morsi tadzk, subsequently restored
to Amraoti, was formed. Between 1867 and 1872, when Berar was
divided into the two Commissionerships of East and West Berar,
Amraoti was the head-quarters of the former. The District contains
no archaeological remains of interest.
The number of towns and villages is I,072. The population increased
from 1867 to 1891 and then declined. The numbers at the several
Population enumerations have been as follows: (1867) 501,331,
(i88I) 575,328, (I891) 655,645, and (1901) 630,II8.
The decline in the last decade was due to the famine of I899-I900.
The District is divided into the four taluks of AMRAOTI, CHANDUR,
The following table gives the chief statistics of population in I90o:-
< Number of a AS a . t
o0 .. E
Taluk. . S
O -i a S. u.g ,Od Euo
Amraoi . . 672 5 259 175,557 261 - 4.3 13,793
Murtazapur . 610 2 26o 18,o22 193 - 2-9 ,467
Chandur . 855 4 307 192,805 225 - 2.6 8,575
Morsi . . 622 4 231 143,734 231 - 5.6 6,591
District total 2,759 15 1,057 630,118 228 - 3.9 34,426

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