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Imperial Gazetteer of India, v. 12, p. 1.

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Einme (Thigwin).-North-west township of Myaungmya District,
Lower Burma, lying between 16° 34′ and 16° 55′ N. and 94° 52′ and 95° 18′ E., with an area of 315 square miles. The population was
41,979 in 18g1 and 59,367 in igw1, distributed in 122 villages. The
head-quarters are at Einme (population, z,o5o), on a waterway con-
necting the Daga and Myaungrnya rivers. The township. is level, well
watered, and fertile throughout. More than one-third of the popula-

tion. is Karen, and the proportion of Christians is large. In 1903-4 the
area under cultivation was 170 square miles, paying Rs. 2,51,000 land
Eksambe.-Village in the Chikodi taluka of Belgaum. District,
Bombay, situated in 16° 32′ N. and 74° 4o′ E. Population (19or),
5,970 The village is purely agricultural, and contains one boys'
school with go pupils:
Eksar.-Alienated. village of 701 acres in the Salsette taluka of Thana
District, Bombay, situated in 19° 13′ N. and 72° 59′ E., about a mile north-west of Borivli station on the Bombay, Barbda, and Central India
Railway. Population (19or), 1;go6. In a mango orchard, on the west
bank of a fine pond, is a row of six slabs of trap, four of them about
.1o feet high by 3 broad, the fifth about 3 feet high by 3 broad, and the
sixth about 4 feet high by 1 broad. All, except one which is broken,
have their tops carved into funereal: urns; with heavy ears and hang-
ing bows of ribbon, and floating. figures above bringing chaplets and
wreaths. The faces of the slabs are richly cut in from two to eight.
level belts of carving, the figures in bold. relief chiselled with much skill.
They are Hindu p4liyds or memorial stones, and seem, to have been set
up in front of a temple which stood orr the top of the pond bank, .a site
afterwards occupied by a Portuguese granary. Each stone records-the
prowess of some warrior either by land or, sea.
[For a full description of these stones, which , possess features of
unusual interest, see Bombay Gazetteer, vol. xiv, Pp..57-9;],
Elephanta (or Ghardpuri).-Islaud included in. the Panvel taluka
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