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Imperial Gazetteer of India, v. 18, p. 93.

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lation, 23,444), the District and tahsil head-quarters, PUR (6,384), and
CHARTHAWAL (6,236). In 1903-4 the demand for land revenue was
Rs. 4,03,ooo, and for cesses Rs. 51,ooo. The tahsil lies chiefly on
the upland area of the District ; but pargana Gordhanpur, situated in
the Ganges khddar, is a low-lying swampy tract in a state of chronic
depression in spite of attempts to drain it. In 1894 the inhabitants
of this pargana were removed, owing to the fear that the GOHNA LAKE
would flood the whole area when it burst; and the tract is still largely
waste. The tahsil is irrigated by the Upper Ganges Main Canal
and the Deoband branch. In 1903-4 the area under cultivation was
334 square miles, of which 127 were irrigated.
Muzaffarnagar Town.-Head-quarters of the District and tahsil
of the same name, United Provinces, situated in 29 28' N. and 77
41' E., on the main road from Meerut to Roorkee and Hardwar, and
on the North-Western Railway. The population is increasing rapidly
(1872) 10,793, (1881) 15,o8o, (1891) 18,166, and (1901) 23,444 In
1901 Hindus numbered 12,847 and Musalmans 9,519. The town
was founded by the son of Muzaffar Khan, Khan-i-Jahan, in the reign
of Shah Jahan, about 1633, close to the site of an older town known
as Sarwart. It remained a place of little importance, until in 1824 it
became the head-quarters of a sub-collectorship of Saharanpur District,
and two years later Muzaffarnagar District was formed. It is a closely-
built town, crowded with small streets, but is well situated on high
land above the Kali Nadi, to which the drainage is carried. Besides
the ordinary offices, there are a town hall, high and middle schools,
and male and female hospitals. There are no resident officials besides
those of the ordinary District staff. The American Presbyterian and
Reformed Methodist Missions have branches here. Muzaffarnagar
was constituted a municipality in 1872. The income and expenditure
during the ten years ending 1901 averaged Rs. 22,000. In 1903-4 the
income was Rs. 35,000, chiefly derived from octroi (Rs. 2r,ooo) and
house tax (Rs. 6,ooo); and the expenditure was Rs. 46,ooo. A drainage
and paving project was completed in 1903 at a cost of more than
Rs. 30,ooo, and the town is now very well drained. The place owes
its prosperity largely to the export trade in wheat and sugar, and the
only considerable manufacture is that of blankets. Every year in
March a horse show is held here. The high school contains 230
pupils, the tahsili school 160, and a girls' school 35.
Muzaffarpur District.-District in the Patna Division of Bengal,
lying between 25' 29' and 26 53' N. and 84 53' and 85 5o' E., with
an area of 3,035' square miles. It is bounded on the north by the
State of Nepal; on the east by Darbhanga District; on the south
' The area shown in the Census Report of igol is 3,004 square miles. The figures
in the text are those ascertained in the recent survey operations.
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