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Imperial Gazetteer of India, v. 21, p. 338.

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was 15•9 per cent. (40 males and 4-7 females), but the standard of lite.
racy must have been very low. in the M6ngmit State (with a large
non-Buddhist population) the corresponding' figure was only 7-7 per
cent. In 1904 the District contained 24 primary (public) and ;197
elementary (private) schools, with a roll of 1,409 pupils (including
400 girls), as compared with 1,273 in rgoi. In 1903-4 the expenditure
on education was Rs. i,6o0, met wholly from Government.
The only hospital is at Mcgok, which has accommodation for 36 in-
patients. In 1993 the number of cases treated was 13,863, including
494 in-patients, and 206 operations were performed. The: income was
made up of Rs. 4,000 from Provincial funds and Rs. 6oo from subscri:p=
tions. Another hospital is about to be built at Thabeikkyin.
Vaccination is nowhere compulsory within the limits of the District.
In 1903-4 the number of persons successfully. vaccinated was 2,451,
representing .28 per i,ooo of population.
Rudarpur.-Town in the Hata tahsil of Gorakhpur District,
United Provinces, situated in 26° 45~ N. and 83° 33' E., 27 miles.south-
east of Gorakhpur city. Population (igoi), 8,860.. Near the town are
some ancient remains, and an old name of the place is said to have
been Hansakshetra. The ruins cover a large area, but have not .been
regularly excavated. A celebrated temple of D~ldhnath is also situ-
ated close by. Rudarpur is administered under Act XX of 1856, with
an income of about Rs. !,zoo. The diversion of commerce to the
railway has injured its trade; but grain is exported and saltpetre is
manufactured. The town contains a dispensary, and a school with
139 pupils.
Rudauli.-Town in the Ramsaneh%hat tahsil of Bara Bank! Dis-
tract, United Provinces, situated in 26° 45' N. and 8 i° 45' E., on the
Oudh and Rohilkhand' Railway and close to the Lucknow-Fy b 1,
road. Population (1991), 11,708. The foundation` of the town is
ascribed to a Bhar chief, named Rudra Mal. It contains the shrines
of two noted Muhammadan saints: Shah Ahmad, who was entombed
alive for six months; and Lohra Bib!, who recovered her sight miracu•
lously. by 'a visit to the shrine of Saiyid :Sitar at Bahraich. Large,fai s
are held at each of these. Rudaull is administered, under. Act XX
of 1856, with an income oŁ about Rs. 3,zoo. There is a.dourish-
ing trade in grain, and cotton cloth is manufactured. 'The town
contains a dispensary; and a school with io6 pupils.
- RudraprayAg.-Temple in, Garhwal District, United Provinces,
situated in 30° 18' and 7;9° N., at the confluence of ,the Mandakini and
Alaknanda, 2,300 feet above sea-level. It is one of the five sacred
confluences (prayag) in the upper course of the Ganges head-waters,
and is visited by pilgrims on their way to Kedarnath.
Rumpa.-Hill tract in Godavari District, Madras. ` See RAMPA.
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