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Imperial Gazetteer of India, v. 24, p. 300.

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Varkkallai.-Village and shrine in the Chirayinkil tdluk of Travan-
core State, Madras, situated in 8 42' N. and 76 53' E., on the coast
almost midway between Quilon and Trivandrum. Population (igoi),
3,16o. The high sandstone and laterite headlands (the Warkalli beds
of the geologists) that here abut on the sea have been pierced by two
tunnels at a cost of about 18 lakhs, and a canal has been led through
them which completes the backwater communication from Trivandrum
up to Tirur in Malabar. The village contains the celebrated temple
of Janardan, an avatar of Vishnu, which is visited by pilgrims from all
parts of India. The numerous mineral springs hereabouts and the
close proximity to the sea have made Varkkallai a favourite Hindu
sanitarium. At Edavai, 3 miles to the north, the Danes had a factory
in the seventeenth century.
Varnol Mal.-Petty Stare in REwA KANTHA, Bombay.
Varnoli Moti.-Petty State in REWA KANTHA, Bombay.
Varnoli Nani.-Petty State in REWA KANTHA, Bombay.
Varsora (Varsoda).-Petty State in MAH! KANTHA, Bombay.
Varttirayiruppu.-Town in the north-west corner of the Srivilli
puttur tdluk of Tinnevelly District, Madras, situated in 9 38' N. and
77' 39' E., in a deep bay in the Western Ghats. From it a mountain
path leads over into the Kambam valley of Madura District, and
another path to the dam of the PERIYAR PROJECT on the Travancore
Hills. It is a Union, with a population (igor) of 13,131 persons,
mainly agricultural, and is the head-quarters of a deputy-tahsildar and
Varval-Rajura.-Tdluk in Bidar District, Hyderabad State. '.l'lie
population in igoi, including jdgirs, was 87,5o3, and the area was
772 square miles. In i89r the population had been 148,805, the de-
crease being due to the famine of 1899-i9oo. The tdluk contains 244
villages, of which 33 are jdglr, and Varval-Rajura (population, 3,998)
is the head-quarters. The land revenue in igoi was 3 laklis. The
Manjra river flows through, the southern :portion of the tdluk, which
is composed of black cotton soil. In 1905 the tdluk was reduced by
the transfer of some villages to Udgir and Nilanga.
Vasai.--Town in Thana District, Bombay. See BASSEIN.
Vasan Sewada.-Petty State in REWA KANTHA, Bombay.
Vasan Virpur.-Petty State in REWA KANTHA, Bombay.
Vasavad.--Petty State in KATHIAWAR, Bombay.
VAsaa.-Petty State in MAHi KANTHA, Bombay.
Vaso.-Town in the Pet:lad tdluka of the Baroda prdral, Baroda State,
situated in 22 4o' N. and 72 46' E. Population (igoi), 8,765.
Weaving and the manufacture of locks and brass and copper pots
are the chief industries. The town contains Anglo-vernacular and
vernacular schools, an industrial school, and a second-class magistrate's
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