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Imperial Gazetteer of India, v. 24, p. 302.

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the chiefs of Belur and Bednur. It was taken by the Mysore forces
in 16go, but restored to Bednur by the treaty of 1694. The con-
quest of Bednur by Haidar Ali in 1763 resulted in its final annexation
to Mysore.
Vasurna.-Petty State in the DANGs, Bombay.
Vav (with Suigam).-Petty State in the Political Agency of Palan-
pur, Bombay. See PALANPUR AGENCY.
Vavdi Dharvala.-Petty State in KATHIAWAR, Bombay.
Vavdi Vachhdni.-Petty State in K2iTHIAWAR, Bombay.
Vayalpad.-South-eastern tdluk of Cuddapah District, Madras,
lying between 13° 35' and 13° 55' N. and 78° 34' and 79 18' E., with
an area of 831 square miles. It is shut in on the east by the Palkonda
Hills, which divide it from the lower part of the District, and along the
top of which runs a striking scarp of deep-red rock, visible for miles
from the west. The population in igoi was 128,692, compared with
127,043 in 18gi. The tdluk contains 125 villages, of which Vayalpad
(population, 4,442) is the head-quarters. The demand for land revenue
and cesses in 1903-4 amounted to RS. 2,14,000. About one-fourth
of the h7luk consists of `reserved' forests, most of which lie on the
Palkonda Hills. There are a large number of tanks. The sugar-cane
grown here is famed throughout all Southern India.
Vayittiri-Village in the Wynaad hdluk of Malabar District, Ma-
dras, situated in 11° 33' N. and 76° 2' E. Population (1901), 2,658.
Since the decline of planting in the north of the tdluk, it has become a
centre of the coffee and tea-;;rowing industry, and possesses a consider-
able European community. It contains a District Munsif's court and
a sub-magistrate's court, a Roman Catholic chapel, and a Church of
England place of worship. About a mile to the south-west lies the
Pukkote lake, a natural sheet of water in a valley among low hills.
Vedaranniyam Canal.--Canal in Tanjore District, Madras, which
was constructed in 1869. Inclusive of its subsequent extension to the
salt swamp south of Vedaranniyam, its total length from Negapatam to.
its southern end is 3521 miles, made up of IA miles of the already
existing channels of the Adappar, Vellar, and Kaduvaiyar rivers, ioa
miles of drainage streams intercepted in their passage down to the sea,
and 12 miles of new cuts connecting these together. It was designed,
and is chiefly used, for the. transport of salt from the Vedaranniyam
factory to the dep6t at Negapatam ; but, owing to the absence of a
good road between these two places, it is also resorted to for general
traffic. The cost of the canal amounted to Rs. 1,34,000. It is main-
tained jointly by the Public Works department and the District board.
Vedaranniyam Town (Tamil, Tirumaraihkidu). -Town in the
Tirutturaippundi tdluk of Tanjore District, Madras, situated in io°
22' N. and 79° 5o' E. Population (1901), 14,138. It is the head-
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