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Imperial Gazetteer of India, v. 24, p. 364.

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managing the municipalities as well. The total expenditure in 19oi
on local works and roads amounted to Rs. 42,6oo.
The First Talukdar is the head of the police administration, with
the Mohtamim (Superintendent) as his executive deputy. Under him
are r.o inspectors and 124 subordinate officers, 728 constables, and
2.15 mounted police, distributed among 36 thanas and 45 Outposts.
The Central jail lies between Hanamkonda and Mathwada, and has
accommodation for 707 male and 20 female prisoners. Convicts from
Karimnagar and Nalgonda Districts, whose sentences exceed six
months, are received here. In 19or there were 1,207 male and
1;; female convicts in the Central jail. Carpets and shatranjis of
a superior quality are made here, besides furniture, cotton tweeds,
counterpanes, towels, and other cloths for prison and police use. The
jail products are also sold to the local traders.
Warangal takes a medium place as regards the literacy of its popu-
lation, of whom 2.8 per cent. (52 males and 023 females) were able
to read and write in 1901, The total number of pupils under in-

struction in 188r, 1891, 1Sior, and 1903 was 429, 2,891, 4,247, and
4,258 respectively. In rqo;; there were 74 primary, 3 middle schools,
one high school, and one industrial school, with 360 girls under instruc
tion. The total amount spent on education in rgor was Rs. 35,700, Of
which the State paid Rs. 24,7oo and the local board Rs. 1r,ooo, includ-
ing Rs. 1,824 paid to aided schools. The, fees realized at the State
and board schools were I:s. 1,568 and :Rs. 555 respectively. The
amount realized by the aided schools as fees and subscriptions in
19or was Rs. 1,359.
A large dispensary is maintained at Hanamkonda, and there are
8 others in the tdluks, with accommodation for 77 in-patients, besides
two yundni dispensaries. In rgo1 the total number of cases treated
was 50,862, of whom 217 were in-patients; and the number of opera
tions performed was 1,675. The total expenditure was Rs. 16,700, Of
which the local board contributed Rs. 6,ooo.
The number of persons successfully vaccinated in 1901 was r,6oo,
representing 167 per 1,ooo of population.
Warangal TRIuk.-Taluk in Warangal District, Hyderabad State,
with an area Of 773 square miles. The population in igor, including
jagirs, was 142,751, compared with 126,604 in 1891. The haluk
contains two towns, HANAIV[KONDA (population, 10,487), the Division,
District, and tdluk head-quarters, and HASANPARTI (5,378) ; and
161 villages, of which 21 are jdgir. The commercial town of Math-
wada, which is a suburb of Hanamkonda, is 4 miles east of the latter,
and the fort Of WARANGAL is about 4 miles sonth-east of Hanamkonda.
The land revenue in 1901 was 33 lakhs. In 1905 the tahsk was
considerably altered by the transfer of villages to Mahbubabad and
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