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Table of Contents for Imperial Gazetteer of India. v. 13.
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Title page p. Title page
Title page verso p. Title page verso
Introductory Notes p. Introductory Notes
Gyaraspur to Hansi Town p. 1
Hanthawaddy to Hardoi Tahsil p. 26
Hardoi Town to Hatia p. 51
Hazara District to Hazaribagh District p. 74
Hazaribagh Subdivision to Hilsa p. 99
Himalayas, The to Hissar District p. 123
Hissar Tahsil to Hopong p. 155
Hoshangabad District to Hoskote p. 179
Hospet Town to Huzur Tahsil p. 204
Hyderabad State p. 227
Hyderabad City to Indi Taluka p. 308
Indore State to Indur District p. 333
Indus to Jaipur Residency p. 357
Jaipur State to Jais p. 382

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