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Title page p. Title page
Title page verso p. Title page verso
Introductory Notes p. Introductory Notes
Karachi District to Karatoya p. 1
Karauli State to Karmala Taluka p. 25
Karnal District to Kasganj Town p. 48
Kashmir and Jammu p. 71
Kashmor to Kathiawar p. 148
Kathor to Khairagarh Tahsil p. 186
Khairpur State to Khandesh District p. 210
Khandgiri to Khasi and Jaintia Hills p. 239
Khaspur to Khulna District p. 265
Khulna Subdivision to Kishorganj Town p. 294
Kistna District to Kodangal Town p. 319
Kohat District to Kolaba District p. 341
Kolachel to Kondane p. 368
Kondapalli to Kotayam p. 393

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