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Mahbubabad (or Mankota) to Mahsuds p. 1
Mahudha to Makran p. 26
Makran Coast Range to Malda District p. 51
Malda Town (or Old Malda) to Malwa p. 82
Mamandur to Mandalay Division p. 105
Mandalay District to Mandargiri p. 125
Mandasor Town to Mandvi Town (1) p. 150
Maner to Manmad p. 175
Manne to Mau Town (1) p. 200
Mau Aimma to Medak District p. 224
Medak Taluk to Meiktila Division p. 250
Meiktila District to Mergui District p. 275
Mergui Subdivision to Midnapore District p. 307
Midnapore Subdivision to Mirganj Tahsil p. 339
Mirjan to Molakalmuru p. 364
Mong (Mung) to Montgomery District p. 389
Montgomery Tahsil to Moradabad City p. 418

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