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Introductory Notes p. Introductory Notes
Moram to Multan District p. 1
Multan Tahsil to Murwara Tahsil p. 35
Musa Khel to Muzaffarnagar District p. 60
Muzaffarnagar Tahsil to Myaungmya District p. 92
Myaungmya Township to Myitkyina District p. 117
Myitkyina Subdivision to Mysore State (Maisur) p. 146
Mysore District to Nadia District p. 250
Nadia Rivers to Nagpur District p. 281
Nagpur Tahsil to Nalgonda District p. 318
Nalgonda Town to Naogaon Village p. 344
Narahia to Narsinghpur District p. 369
Narsinghpur Tahsil to Naushahra Town (2) p. 394
Navalgund Town to Nayagarh Village p. 419

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