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Introductory Notes p. Introductory Notes
Pardi Taluka to Patan Taluka (2) p. 1
Patancheru to Patiala Town p. 26
Patkai to Pattikonda Village p. 51
Patuakhali Subdivision to Pehowa p. 76
Pen Taluka to Peshawar City p. 101
Peth to Piram (Perim) p. 126
Pirawa District to Poona District (Puna) p. 151
Poona City (Puna) to Port Blair p. 181
Porto Novo to Pudukkottai State p. 214
Pudukkottai Town to Punjab (Panjab) p. 240
Punnata to Pusad Town p. 395

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