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Pushkar to Radhanpur Town p. 1
Rae Bareli District to Raigarh Town p. 25
Raipur District to Rajgir p. 48
Rajim to Rajputana p. 73
Rajshahi Division to Rampa p. 158
Rampal to Ranchi District p. 182
Ranchi Subdivision to Ranpur p. 210
Ranpur to Rato-Dero Taluka p. 235
Raver Town to Rewah State (Riwa) p. 260
Rewah Town to Rohri Town p. 288
Rohtak District to Ruby Mines District p. 310
Rudarpur to Sagaing District p. 338
Sagaing Township to Saint Thomas's Mount p. 364
Sakesar (Sukesar) to Salt Range p. 389
Salt-Water Lake to Salween River p. 414

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