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Title page verso p. Title page verso
Introductory Notes p. Introductory Notes
Travancore State to Tribeni Canal p. 1
Tribeni Village to Trimbak p. 25
Trivandrum to Twenty-Four Parganas p. 50
Tyaga Durgam to Udaiyarpalaiyam Taluk p. 81
Udalguri to Unchahra (Unchahera) p. 106
Underi (or Henery) to United Provinces of Agra and Oudh p. 131
Uparghat to Vasota p. 277
Vayalpad to Vizagapatam District p. 302
Vizagapatam Tahsil to Warangal District p. 337
Warangal Taluk to Wun District p. 364
Wun Taluk to Yenur (or Venur) p. 398
Yeotmal Taluka to Zira Town p. 423

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