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Introductory Notes p. Introductory Notes
Berhampore Subdivision to Bhagalpur Division p. 1
Bhagalpur District to Bhakkar Town p. 25
Bhamo District to Bhandara District p. 45
Bhandara Tahsil to Bhattiana p. 71
Bhaunagar State to Bhinmal p. 92
Bhir District to Bhongir Town p. 112
Bhopal State to Bhopal City p. 125
Bhopawar Agency to Bidar District p. 145
Bidar Taluk to Bijni p. 169
Bijnor District to Bikaner State p. 192
Bikaner City to Birbhum p. 217
Birnagar to Bolan Pass p. 246
Bombay Presidency p. 266
Bombay City p. 398
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