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The Bond collection consists of photographs taken during World War II by Frank Bond while serving in the Army Air Corps, 40th Photographic Reconnaissance Squadron, stationed in India and Burma. The squadron was formed in 1943 and transferred by sea to India in 1944. In India, the unit was assigned first to Gushkara, approximately sixty miles west of Calcutta, and then to the Alipore Air Base in suburban Calcutta. Bond was a specialist in the development of film from aerial photography that provided essential intelligence to the Allied forces during their advance through central Burma.

As the campaign in Burma progressed, Bond was transferred to Akyab Island in the Bay of Bengal where he helped to establish the field photographic developing and printing laboratory. As the British advance continued, Bond and his fellow squadron photographer, Glenn Hensley, were assigned to special ground photographic missions, including accompanying British troops as they entered Rangoon during the spring of 1945.

Bond was an avid photographer in private life and his passion and experience informed both his military work and his personal photographs documenting aspects of daily life in India. Working at a time when access to quality cameras and film were limited, Bond's photographs are a vital and compelling historical resource.

After the war, Frank Bond was a long-time resident of Saugus, MA where he was employed by General Electric. Frank Bond died July 22, 2007 at the age of 90. This photographic collection is dedicated as a memorial to his service and artistry.

Bond Photograph Library

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