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Assamese University_of_Gauhati Kannada Marathi   Berntsen   Date   Molesworth   Tulpule   Vaze Rajasthani   Macalister
Baluchi   Barker   Collett   Dames-Sketch   Dames-Text-book   Mumtaz Ahmad Kashmiri   Grierson   Hassan Nepali   Schmidt   Turner Sanskrit   Apte    Macdonell  
Bengali   Biswas-Bangala   Biswas-Bengali   Khowar   Bashir, et al. Newari Sindhi   Mewaram
Divehi Konkani Oriya   Praharaj Sinhala   Carter
Dogri Lushai   Lorrain
Pali   Pali Text Society
Tamil   Fabricius   Kadirvelu_Pillai   McAlpin   Tamil_Lexicon   Winslow
English   Hobson-Jobson
Maithili Panjabi Singh Telugu   Brown-1903   Gwynn
Gujarati Malayalam   Gundert Pashto   Heston   Raverty Torwali  
Hindi   Bahri   Caturvedi   Dasa-Hindi Manipuri Persian   Hayyim   Steingass
Urdu   Fallon   Platts   Shakespear
Prakrit Comparative   Burrow   Turner
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